Corbridge Museum!

A possible furniture adornment.
Rachel with a sherd of life sized face pottery.

Hi everyone! Morgan here. Yesterday we visited the Corbridge museum and Roman fort site. We were shown around the site by the lovely Graeme Stobbs and then were given the amazing opportunity to go into the store house for artifacts that were not on display with Frances, the Curator of Roman Collections for Hadrian’s Wall. The majority of artifacts recovered from any archaeological site are never put on display for the general public to see and we were given the honour of viewing and handling a few of these artifacts. With every new generation of archeologists, new techniques and methods of recording are used to refine the process and increase the learning potential. She discussed with us the difficulties of attempting to understand and interpret finds that had been documented during early excavation, and complications that arise while trying to properly categorize and digitize the current collection at Corbridge. I found myself relating the process to what I have experienced with my mom working in records management, going through old records and cataloguing and digitizing. I enjoy seeing the overlap with her work as much as I enjoy the overlap between my science and classics majors. I really enjoyed being able to handle the artifacts, and you may laugh but I may see a bit of the records management coming through in the future! I’d love to get my hands on organizing something like this. Overall it was a great day at this wonderful site, and the two others of Brocolitia and Chesters, with the added bonus trying to photo bomb the BBC music productions!

Stacks of catalogued artifacts plus Rob.
The hazards of slacking on your record keeping.

2 thoughts on “Corbridge Museum!

  1. Those are a LOT of artefacts in the photo with Rob. It must be a little overwhelming to keep track of all the records, especially with scanty information like the last photo. But it must also be amazing to see the behind the scenes! Thanks for a great post.

  2. Wow! Never expected to see records management get linked with classics. But we do say that records management is media independent so i guess that can include artefacts too 🙂

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