The next chapter arrives

Me posing with a ladle at the Ingersoll Agricultural Cheese Museum in Ontario

Hello Classics enthusiasts! My name is Sarah Chin and I am entering my fourth year into a double major of Bioarchaeological Anthropology and Classical Studies. As you may be able to tell by my area of study, I am fascinated by all aspects of archaeology and was positively ecstatic to be accepted into this field school. Though most of my year is spent as a Western university student, I usually return home during the summer to work at a field technician in CRM work in Ontario. They were sad to see me leave this past week but also excited that I would be able to participate in what many of my past field school friends have described as “a life changing experience.” This is also my first trip outside of North America and my plan is to explore as much as I can via our many hikes and excursions. The weather has so far been windy, sunny, and rainy all within the same day but we haven’t let it deter us yet!

Today we got our first got our first tour of the Vindolanda site with introductions to all the staff. Though understanding the different periods of occupation and various building types got a little confusing we were assured by the end of our weeks here we would be seasoned navigators of the site. It was amazing however to be see what we’ll be excavating and the work already done since the site’s discovery.

An overview of Vindolanda


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