Hello all!

rachel Hello all! My name is Rachel McGuire and I am going to be entering my third year of an Honours Specialization in Classical Studies this coming September. I am absolutely delighted to be participating in this archaeological dig which is exclusively for Western students. As an aspiring archaeologist, I feel this opportunity is a great way to gauge the way archaeology is carried out in the field. We had an introduction to the Vindolanda site today, and I am excited to learn more about the history of the site, the centuries of Roman occupation and the importance that Vindolanda had in the bigger picture of Roman Britain.

Travel has always been important to me and I am incredibly excited to be in the British countryside. As an avid BBC and PBS viewer, I feel as though I am walking through a television set of one of the beloved TV shows that I watch. The people have been very hospitable and I look forward to getting to know both the members of the Vindolanda Trust who we will be excavating with and the people of the charming town of Haltwhistle. Also, I am thrilled to say that a local ice cream truck will be making frequent stops to our cottage, so bring on the ice cream!

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