Bring on the Mud!

IMG_20150516_224330Hello everyone!

My name is Prem Sai Ramani and I’m entering my third year at Western in September.  I’m double majoring in both Chemistry and SASAH (the School for Advanced Studies in Arts and Humanities), a programme offered by the Faculty of Arts as Western. It’s been three days, and I have accidentally touched an electric fence (it was just a small shock), lost a pair of shoes in the mud, and spent about 24 hours in transit. However in those same three days, I have witnessed beautiful city scapes in Newcastle (see below), relished in the English countryside, and walked within the same buildings that, 1930 years ago, housed Roman soldiers. Needless to say, I am incredibly excited to be at Vindolanda for both the amazing life experiences and the downright dirty. In fact, one of the reasons I chose to go on this trip was to observe all sides of archaeology, especially if that includes getting absolutely covered in mud while excavating structures from some of the earliest forts at the site. I say, “Bring it all on!”Snapchat-3351512149564791798

Until next time!


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