Hello World

meHi my name is Morgan Chornoboy previously known as the extremely unphotogenic one in all group photos. I’m from the GTA, Pickering in particular. I’m double majoring in science (ecosystem health) and classical studies though I enjoy photography as a hobby so usually I’m on the other side of the camera. I enjoy trying to combine both science and classics and I’m quite happy to find there is actually quite a bit of overlap in the scientific process of archeological study. I travelled throughout Scotland before field school with my family and saw many wonderful things and I hope to see many more amazing things with this field school experience. When I was young I dreamed of becoming an archeologist and now that dream has finally come to fruition. I have been to the UK twice before but this will be an entirely new experience and I’m so excited to finally experience digging at an archeological site.

One thought on “Hello World

  1. Have fun, learn lots and keep us posted with all the exciting stuff you’re doing. We are only a little green with envy!

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