A bit about myself…


My name is Mary and I will be going into my fourth year of Bioarchaeological Anthropology and Classical Studies in the Fall/Winter of 2015.

Fort Malden My love for history was what originally spurred my interest in the discipline of archaeology. I particularly enjoy Canadian military and social history. A hobby of mine is participating in War of 1812 re-enactments, where I take part in military battles as a British soldier.

Queenston Heights
Brock’s Monument at Queenston Heights in Canada. Major General Sir Isaac Brock was a British officer in command of the forces in Upper Canada during the War of 1812. He died at the Battle of Queenston Heights, and his remains are buried at this monument.    
34th regiment
Re-enacting the rank of a private soldier in the 34th Regiment of Foot. The soldiers in this regiment were primarily Irish, stationed at Fort Malden during the Upper Canada Rebellions of 1837-38.

During this field school I am most eager to learn about Roman military fortifications in Britain, and perhaps draw from that knowledge how the development of fortifications under the Roman Empire may have influenced British fortifications and military life in later centuries.

Fort Erie
Soldiers’ barracks and defenses at Fort Erie in Canada.

I am very much excited to be in England, as this is my first time travelling abroad. I have always desired to visit the United Kingdom, and my first few days here have been a dream. I am looking forward to the adventures to come over the next five weeks!

Thank-you for reading,


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