New Development on the Kiln Site

Hello Everyone,

The field schoolers did a great job for six weeks of excavations on the kiln site but there is still work to be done. Former Vindolanda writer-in-residence Sue has taken over some of the work on the kiln site.  In the last two days she has found a huge amount of ash just below where we stopped at the end of the field school.  As we were exposing the ash this afternoon we started to find a lot of organic material and in it we found two pieces of a wooden artifact.  It’s hard to say what these pieces of wood are parts of, but it may be a stool.  Does anyone else have another idea?  Perhaps a pottery wheel to go with the kiln?

I’d love to hear you suggestions?


All the best from rainy Northumberland,



Here is a view of one side of the object.
Here’s a view of one side of the object.


Here's a picture of the other side, from the other side.
Here’s a picture of the other side, from the other side.


4 thoughts on “New Development on the Kiln Site

  1. That looks like a wheel-head to me, the diameter & thickness are right and the first picture seems to show a recessed area. If this is the underside then this would serve to connect the shaft to the head via a T piece. When constructing a wooden wheel-head the most difficult part is creating a joint that will not be worked loose by the torque when throwing. This would certainly serve the purpose. I’d really like to have the opportunity to take a look at your kiln and potential wheel. Have any quern stones been found in the area of the kiln?

  2. Very cool! Just from looking at it if it was a stool it doesn’t look like it would have been very comfy in antiquity — because of the football-shaped indentation in the middle on one side (unless this was an area for the legs to sit into)…the other side seems to also have many cutting marks and scratches on it….so personally I’m leaning more towards a work surface of some kind 🙂 just my guess!

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