Final Goodbye

I know I’m a couple days late on writing this post but after a very hectic and extended route home, I’ve been trying to recover and have been very busy with lots of friends and family asking about the wonderful experience that I’ve had at Vindolanda. To say that I’ve been home now for a couple days is almost unbelievable as Vindolanda and the cottages at Haltwhistle began to feel like my normal routine and home.

Saying that I had a blast excavating at Vindolanda and meeting the other international volunteers is an understatement. This has been the chance of a lifetime and I couldn’t be more proud to see what I’ve been able to accomplish and say that I’ve finally done some of the things I’ve always wanted to do. Hiking the different trails through the countryside has been one of my favourite parts other than the excavation itself.



I’ve been glad to have been able to experience this adventure with the other students in the Field School and to have become such great friends with them. Spending so much time in close proximity makes you feel like you’ve become a family and it’s a bit odd not starting the morning routine with them any more. But being given the chance to study at Vindolanda has been a dream come true and even through all the mud and horse dung that I have picked through, it was worth every bit to be able to experience the moment of uncovering an artefact from the soil.

Working hard in the Vicus
Working hard in the Vicus

I would like to thank everyone that contributed to helping make this trip possible for me, and to the professors and students that made this experience so memorable. And thank you to the readers of this blog too  for taking such interest in this learning experience.

The Vindolanda Field School 2014 crew
The Vindolanda Field School 2014 crew

~ Alex


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