Over and Out

View of Vindolanda
View of Vindolanda

I cannot believe that my time here at Vindolanda is over. The 6 weeks have flown by so quickly it is hard to gather up all the memories that I have experiences. But here is goes.
First and foremost this trip would not be even remotely possible without the tireless efforts from our much loved Professors Elizabeth Greene (Beth) and Alexander Meyer (Alex). I count myself one of the lucky people who are able to know these two amazing people. It was a huge responsibility to take on such a project like handling 8 University students, especially in another country. But their ability to inspire students towards archaeology and the many facets associated with it is something I believe is a perfect example of the best kind of Professor. Alex (AKA sensei)
Next on the list are the 7 new friends that I have made on this experience. Though working beside Tanya, Alex, Declan, Monika, Emily, Emma and Felicia every day for 6 weeks I could only grow a deep appreciation for each of them. We have definitely gotten closer within the period we have spent together and we will all be keeping in touch-I’m sure- with each other afterwards. (Reunion !)
I cannot continue without acknowledging all who contributed to scholarships for the Field-schoolers this year. Your GOaward donations have meant the world to not only myself but also all of the other students who were the happy recipients to the awards.
And lastly all of the amazing people I have met along the way. Starting off with Andrew Birley, Justin Blake, Kate Sheehan-Finn, Karen, Helen, Paul, Rosie, Emma, Harriet, David, Anthea, Jazz (lol) to name a few!

But this is me signing off
– Veronica

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