Lake to Shining Lake

This past weekend the entire Vindolanda Field school crew visited the Lake District… or as I like to call it Lake Town. Ahah! We stayed in Ambleside. Which is a little piece of heaven.
To give a little bit of context, we were there only for the weekend… but what a weekend it was! Leaving bright and early on Saturday, we started our journey Westwards towards the Lakes. On arrival we ventured out to see the Roman fort of Galavas, which was not really much to see (since the fort has not undergone heavy excavation), but what can be said about the place is that it solidified my now learned ability to see the basic uniformity of Roman forts. By picking out the Main Gate, then knowing that what should soon follow are the three major buildings that are found in all Roman forts- the commanders house, the Principia and the granaries.

What really helped to see the fort is the birds eye view of the fort from the mountain close by. I’m not sure if you would classify it as a mountain, it definitely looked like one because it was so large, but I think the locals would have called it a hill. But I digress. It still offered an advantageous viewpoint of the site.

The entire trip really served as a culmination of all points that we have learned about Roman forts in Brittan. Although the Galavas site was not entirely excavated it proved to me that I had understood the important facets of a military fort. Since I was only given a small amount of information, I was able to deduce what the buildings were in front of me.

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