Farewell Post


Tomorrow marks our last day of digging and I can’t believe that! I’m going to miss see that beautiful view all day.  This experience has been amazing and I’m so glad that I got this opportunity.  Through the past six weeks I’ve met world class scholars and learned so much while making amazing new friends.  I am so happy that Western has been so supportive of this endeavour and that the university offers students such a practical means to pursue their degrees.  

This week Alex and I have been concentrating on removing the other edge of our ditch and pull the entire thing back to the edge of the trench.  It has been looking great so far and today we were finally able to clear the entire thing out for some official photograph.  


As Alex and I have been digging out our ditch section however we have been debating about if the trench is taller than us.  I’ll admit the digital level may have been used for some unprofessional measurements this week but today the debate was clear.  After the official photos and measurements were taken Alex and I jumped in the trench to show the true depth of the trench! This is me in the trench:


Clearly taller than me by a lot! Again I am so happy to have had this experience and so glad to everyone who supports such an amazing program.  This entire experience has been a total growing experience and I’ve loved learning all about archaeology. So happy to have come here, until next time.


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