The Ditch Life

The whole Vindo crew is now comfortably settling down into its 4th week. We have all become well-oiled machines, now knowing the ins and outs when getting ready for excavation. (Ill give you a little run down) The day begins with a quick journal entry, reflecting on the day pervious, then gathering up all the supplies that we will need throughout the day, which means and an array of goods including barrows, spades, shovels, trowels, hand-shovels, survey station…I could go on. Finally we end with digging away in the North field during the day, and then with any luck find some amazing things in the process.


Now you must be asking yourselves, what on earth are these Canadians students doing out there. Well that can be answered in a simple answer. To look for earlier settlements that match with the same time frame to the Stanegate Road. And we are still digging away at it.

As you have read though Alex’s post earlier, she outlines how stratigraphy works. By being carful and examining the different changes that the soil makes in terms of colour, texture, thickness, etc. One can pretty much follow the soil and get something out of it, like in my case a ditch. Although it is much easier said then done. It takes a carful and observant eye to follow the quick changings in soil, but I’m working on it!

10410638_10152561196303338_7621185617341779841_n             The past week I have been working on my beautiful ditch, of which I am really proud of. This is because it not only has it produced some pretty amazing artefacts but it also is expanding my knowledge of archaeology in terms of understanding stratigraphy and how to use that knowledge to uncover the ditch that I’m working on. Just by focusing on the different ways that the soil changes I am uncovering a ditch that has bee forgotten about for thousands of years. Pretty cool right?

When uncovering a ditch there is a pretty good chance that little goodies have been thrown down into it. And that is the case (so far) with my little spot, there has been a shoe and bits and pieces of animal bone and teeth that have come out of it. And all in all, I’m pretty hopeful. And I will for sure be keeping you updated!

Me and the lovely Karen! It was great digging with you :)
Me and the lovely Karen! It was great digging with you 🙂



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