10 Quirkiest UK Things

1.Trousers vs. Pants.

The issue between what the British call trousers and we call pants. Every time we say pants they think we are talking about underwear.


2. Sinks.

Here in the UK, hot and cold taps are completely separate. Meaning you get either freezing cold or scalding hot water. The native Britain’s wash their hands by flipping back and forth between the two. One tap: more convenient while being more space friendly.


3. The internal dilemma you face while crossing the street.

Initially your head says to look right, but then it jumps in and says look left. So you look both ways intently and are still confused which way to look.


4. Biscuits and Tea.

We knew that the British loved tea when they got here, but they take their tea very seriously, not to mention that biscuits (cookies) are fuel.


5. Abundance of Sheep and Cows.

They’re everywhere. Hopefully they don’t band together against us. But they are mighty delicious.


6. Price of Cheese.

Cheap. Abundant. Delicious.


7. Pointless, The show.

If you haven’t watched this show, you don’t know how people really feel about random topics. Perfect thing to come home to after excavation.


8. The never setting Sun.

Should have invested in an eye mask.


9. Miniature Roads; Maniac Drivers.

The whole country is like an autobahn. And the grass and weeds consume half of the roadway.


10. The devil cow’s need to poop on our spoil pile ramp.

We’ve seen cows deliberately dump it out where we need to walk, they are smarter than you think. Although Veronica tries her best to keep them at bay.


Sincerely Monika and Alex

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