Longer in Scotland than anticipated

Alexandra, Declan, Monika, Veronica and I planned a wonderful last minute adventure to Edinburgh Scotland. We went to the Castle, walked through the park, visited the church and went to the National Art Museum. This post will not be on those good times we experienced (I’ll leave that to the others to inform you), but the struggles of returning home.

We had a train booked from Edinburgh to Carlisle and transfer to Haltwhistle. We were finished our itinerary by 4:45 and decided to get some dinner and wander to the station early. We arrived about half an hour early and checked the schedule. From afar we noticed a train was canceled but didn’t think much of it. Until we looked closer and realized it was ours! Of all the luck! We immediately ask customer service what to do and the man said the only way to get to our destination was to hop on the train behind him that was going to depart in 5 minutes and headed to the Capital of Scotland. There was also the small detail that we couldn’t take the train if we couldn’t get seats! We ran for our lives and each grabbed the first seats we saw! We spanned over 3 different cars but made it!


Once we landed in Glasgow we hopped on a train to Carlisle. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to Carlisle in time to catch the last train to Haltwhistle. Lucky for us the professors came to the rescue and picked us up to take us home!

Crisis handled well and off to dig in the North Field bright and early tomorrow!
Until next time, toodlesss!


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