A Week in the Vicus

Me with the amphora’s top.


This past week, I worked in the Vicus, far away from my home in the North Field, and needless to say I had an awesome time. I worked in a trench with the lovely Tanya and two wonderful volunteers, Helen and Paul. It was very different experience from the North Field. The Vicus contains a lot of anaerobic material that helps preserve materials such as  leather and wood. We found many artefacts including shoes, bones, the majority of an amphora (a large Roman storage vessel), and an near complete mortarium. We worked on extending the trench and digging down to the organic material and uncovering wooden foundations to help identify early fort structures. I’m sad that my time in the Vicus has ended, but I am looking forward to returning to the North Field. For those who are interested here is a time lapse video of a day of excavation in the Vicus. I make a small cameo in it with the amphora.

Vindolanda Time Lapse Video

Tanya and Paul scouting the trench
The mortarium just after coming out of the ground
The mortarium all cleaned up

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