A lesson in the art of Archeology

This weekend we had the pleasure of being given a lesson in proper technique of recreating archeological artifacts. I was looking forward to this based on what the students last year told me about. Mark Hoyle was our guide on this particular endeavor and I greatly appreciated his patience and ability to explain such difficult concepts and techniques!


We started off with all trying to recreate a simple white mug. First we measured the diameter of the mug. Once we had the diameter we had to draw our T-graph. This allows us to take the diameter measurement we have and transcribe it exactly to scale on paper. After this we used a device to get the shape of the mug and we used it as a stencil to transfer it onto our T-graph. We also used tools to measure the depth and thickness of the cups! We all struggles so much and a few tears were shed but once we finished we were all very pleased with our final results.



After this we moved on to more difficult objects and I worked on a complex stone piece. It took me hours to finish this item (Mark said stone works were among the more difficult pieces). I now have a better understanding and appreciation for archeological drawings.


Ultimately I found it to be a fun and soothing exercise and definitely would love to do some more of it. One day was just not enough!


This is a picture of my final Stone drawing!!

Until next time, tooodless!

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