My Favourite Find so Far

Tomorrow marks the end of our fourth week of excavation here and I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by. Because of the past four weeks, I have a sudden new appreciation for everything that I’ve admired and seen in museums. Before this trip I never really thought about the process of finding an artifact and the all steps it takes to get from the dirt to the museum collection.

            I just wanted to share with everyone my favorite things I’ve pulled from the dirt in the past weeks. My second favorite thing was a pottery shred Alex and I found in the Vicus last week. It was special because it was a piece of Samian ware that had a picture of the goddess Diana on it. We were able to identify the goddess as Diana because of the bow that was hung next to her.

            However, my favorite thing I’ve found so far was fragments of a shoe that were found in the bottom of a drain crossing through the Vicus. Unfortunately the shoe was not in great condition and deteriorated further when we tried to remove it due to the fact that it was wrapped around a rock and had been slightly torn by the spade. Despite being fragmentary, this is my favorite thing because coming to Vindolanda a shoe (however broken) was the one thing I wanted to find so now I can go home happy.




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