Further excavation on the “flue”

Just checking in with some new progress in my trench.

Today proved to be a very productive day in the excavation of what I originally had thought to be a flue, which would have led to a much larger kiln. But after spending another full day excavating this feature it seems as though it is in fact not a flue. In the picture below you can see at the far right, that the four course sandstone wall suddenly stops. If it had been a flue, one would expect this wall feature to continue in a straight line. After consulting with Dr. Greene and Dr. Meyer, we came to the conclusion that I should change the direction of my excavation towards the west, and try to define this wall feature, while also hoping to explain why the wall suddenly stopped. After digging for a few hours with a spade and matic (pickaxe), I was able to find that the wall did in fact change direction and continued to the west (top of the picture is west). This makes my original hypothesis of this feature being a flue null and void. If this were a flue it would not end so abruptly and would have led to a firing chamber. So more excavation will need to be done before I will be able to fully determine what this feature is.




If you take a look at the picture below you can see that this wall containing large cut sandstone blocks continues in three courses to the west. It then makes a 90 degree right turn back to the north. At an early stage of interpretation, it appears that this stone wall is apart of a much larger structure, but the presence of broken and poorly fired tiles/pottery suggests that this feature is apart of a workshop of some kind. The stones are quite large and suggest that they were intended to support a large structure. Tomorrow I hope to continue excavating to the west (top of picture) and further define this feature and its walls.




In the picture below you are able to get a better look at the size of these sandstone blocks, and can see how they were intended to function as a wall, rather than stones used to fill in the site after its use. The stones will need to be carefully uncovered in order to keep them intact and view their arrangement. At this point it is very unclear as to what the feature is, and hopefully by the end of next week I will be able to have a better understanding of what is happening here. Hope you enjoy the pictures and I will try to keep everyone updated!

– Declan



One thought on “Further excavation on the “flue”

  1. No Flue!
    What To Do?
    Let’s Dig For Another Week or Two…

    Thanks for the update Declan, it’s fascinating to watch it unfold.

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