Start of a Tradition?

Start of a Tradition?

Recently, I was in need of rain boots for digging. I hadn’t brought any from Canada because they took up too much space. I decided that I would use a pair from Vindolanda ‘s storage shed that volunteers or previous field schoolers had left behind. The boots I now use are 1 or 2 sizes too big but I can walk in them so they’re keepers. When I went to write my name inside the boots, I noticed that it two names written inside them. Robin M was a field 2013 schooler and I’m not sure of the identity of AD. I’m the third person to claim (temporary) ownership of these boots. The boots will staying at VIndolanda after I finish field school so I’m curious how many other names will be written inside them in the years to come.

3 thoughts on “Start of a Tradition?

  1. It seems somehow appropriate that these boots should become an inscribed artefact at a dig famous for both preserved shoes and writing tablets.

    I also note that this post is by “Ovid’s Daphne”! I have to confess that in reading “fugit ocior aura / illa leui” it never occurred to me that Daphne might be running in oversized Wellies. Now, that is an image worthy of Ovid!

  2. I wonder if the leather shoes found at Vindolanda ever went through as many owners. AD is Andrew Dodd who happens to be at Vindolanda now. Can you ask if anyone finds green wellies marked “Rob” or “Rob W” (not Robin) to leave them there for me? Anyone can use them but I will need them again soon.

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