My First Large Find

My look of excitement after finding the beaker
My look of excitement after finding the beaker

After digging for two full weeks and finding only sherds of pottery and excessive amounts of clay, there was a ray of sunshine this past Friday as I was fortunate enough to have found a large piece of preserved pottery in my area. I had the opportunity of moving from our newly marked out trench to a Victorian drain with Emily, Sarah, and Prof.Meyer, that had been dug out by last years Field School. After removing the large stones that provided the roof for the drain, it was our next task to clear the soil and silt away from the rocks and better see the characteristics of the feature before removing it. It was during this process that I first noticed the contrast between the dark colour and curve of the object compared to the silt surrounding it. While trying to keep my excitement under control as best as I could, Prof.Meyer told me the necessary steps to take place next in removing the beaker from its context. With a massive grin on my face I slowly removed about an inch of soil from all around the beaker, providing a better look at its shape and design. Ever so slowly I began prying the object from the silt and finding that almost half of the object was preserved, including a full base. The find is a grey ware beaker with a band of incised cross hatching around the body.

This is my first significant find and I can only hope for more.


2 thoughts on “My First Large Find

  1. Awesome! It’s great to see you excited about what you’re finding. There may not be a lot of comments, but we’re all enjoying reading about it back here in the department.

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