The entire group went out on a fabulous hike this past Saturday! And I’ll admit it was pretty challenging, but like everything that is difficult it was also extremely rewarding…to make myself sound super corny, but it’s kind of true.  As you know, we went on a hike on the previous weekend and thank god we did. It definitely  helped out this past Saturday because it was intense, to say the least, but in all seriousness it was the best experience ever!

The whole crew ready to embark on the hike.
The whole crew ready to embark on the hike.

To continue, we began the hike just where we left it, at Cawfields Milecastle near our cottages. From there we moved further East to our final destination at Housesteads, AKA Vercovicium.


As anyone would expect, the English countryside is spectacularly beautiful in everyway. On our way through the lovely views, we stopped at Milecastle 37, which to those who are a bit fuzzy on everything, it is one of the few places that offers a well-preserved view of what a Milecaslte would have looked like in its prime. The structures survive somewhat, especially an arched passageway and the walls of the barrack blocks.


We trekked onwards to our final destination at Housesteasds. To give a little FYI on this fort–it’s in pretty good shape and therefore gives and accurate insight into the life and times of the Romans who once lived there…not to diss Vindolanda. xoxo-We’re still friends right?


In addition, Housesteads dates primarily to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th centuries, and inside it has the things one might find in most Roman military forts. These involve, the principia or regimental headquarters building, the praetorium or commanding officers home, barracks, bath-houses, latrines, workshops, hospitals and granaries (on which, Emily did her presentation). A fabulous day!



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