Now the Excavation Begins Pt. 2

Hey everyone,

So just a continuation of my post the other day. I know i promised everyone some pictures of the rubble course I uncovered last week, and I just wanted to follow up and explain a little bit about it. While digging through a new stratum, which was composed of clay and small traces of crushed sandstone, I began to come upon a new soil composition. Rather than small pieces of isolated sandstone that were found up to this point, I began to notice a more concentrated section of larger sandstones along the west wall of my small trench (West is the left side of the picture). As you can see on the left hand side of the picture below, there is a much larger concentration of sandstone which gradually runs higher as the trench proceeds northwards. The rubble course then seems to make a hard right hand turn and continues to the east (right). This appears to not be a coincidence, as material to the south of this rubble course contained hardly any sandstone and was comprised primarily of brown clay. The grouping of stone in this manner suggests that it may have been some kind of a wall or perhaps a foundation, but more excavation needs to be carried out before we can determine fully what this rubble course may be.



The second picture here shows a better view of the gradual slope to the north and shows clearly that the course takes a dramatic turn to the east. The strange thing about this newly uncovered rubble course is the fact that it abruptly ends shortly after its turn to the east (right). There were no traces of the larger sandstones, which were characteristic of this rubble course up to this point. With no traces of the same composition we decided to further excavate to the north and leave a clean edge to show the end of this newly uncovered course. Further to the west, Emily, Monika and Alexandra were able to uncover much larger stones which may appear to be a type of flooring but at this point it is all speculation, and further excavation will need to be undertaken this week. Hopefully this new layer of larger stones (thought at this early stage to be a platform or floor) will somehow tie into the sandstone rubble course which I uncovered this week. I will make sure to keep everyone posted, but at this point the findings appear promising!



One thought on “Now the Excavation Begins Pt. 2

  1. Thank’s for keeping us up to date on the Trench Declan. It’s tough to notice those types of stratigraphic changes when your digging but when you take a step back you can really notice them as we can in your pictures. Here’s hoping you confirm a structure out there.

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