The reality of archaeology…

This week was all about the reality of archaeology for me. I started the week with my first pottery find! The pieces I found had rims, which means that they are diagnostic pieces and can be used for dating.

Pottery rims!

The rest of the week I continued digging without finding much in my area. To my left, however, a stone feature was being uncovered (exciting!). On Friday, I found a smooth stone, which I hoped belonged to the stone feature. It is a beautiful stone…

Smooth Stone

Unfortunatly, the stone was a lone ranger and had to be removed with the rest of the area I was digging up. With this said, this week has taught me that archaeology can at times be unpredictable. What is initially thought about the layout of the trench with one find (e.g. the lenght of the stone feature), can very easily be changed by another find (e.g. my lone stone). On the bright side, Norman’s wife made cupcakes! 🙂


I look forward to working in the North Field again next week!


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