Hike #2 by Tanya and Monika


MONIKA: Today we embraced the beautiful weather for our second long hike along Hadrian’s Wall. Embarking not so early this morning, we set out from where we ended our hike last week, across from the Mile Castle, to continue our trek along the Wall. Today we hike about 6.5 miles crossing over 7 of the 9 Nicks of Thirlwall and the Sycamore gap ending the day at Housteads fort. Along our hike today, Tanya and I hiked what felt like what was a rollercoaster constantly hiking up and then down. Today on our hike I noticed more the geological features of the landscape because of the talk we had from Mike about the geological formation of features in Britain on Tuesday. It was interesting to consider how such amazing and defining landscapes of the country were shaped. My favorite part of the hike was being able to see the continuation of the Wall for miles. The weather today was great, about 19° and completely blue skies. The beginning of the hike we were all optimistic about the day, but there were definitely some butterflies about how difficult the hike would be. By lunch, all fears about the hike were diminished and it seemed like we had all built up how difficult the hike would be and shocked ourselves.

a snippet

TANYA: As Monika mentioned the weather was absolutely beautiful! I didn’t know it would be this nice early on and had on many layers. About 3 minutes into the hike already I began losing layers and was down to a couple tank tops! It was absolutely gorgeous out and we could see all around us! We decided to stop for lunch at the Sycamore gap under the famous Sycamore tree (that everyone recognizes from the Robin Hood TV show). Going up the 7 nicks was exhausting and we could all feel the burn in our legs but felt so accomplished after we reached the top each and every time. All around me the group had giant smiles on their faces as they marvelled at the spectacular view for miles all around us.

All the layers Sycamore Tree

My favourite part of the hike was taking a small break in the most completed milecastle (number 37). You could even see a significant portion of the gate still in tact. We took plenty of pictures and goofed around in this area. After finally reaching our destination at Housesteads I was in disbelief and a little sad that it had come to an end so soon. We may coax Alex to plan out another hike for next weekend! I will allow someone else to fill you all in on the beautiful site that was Housesteasds!

Milecastle 37


From Monika and Tanya Until next time!!! Toodles!


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