Waiting for the Rain

I think that many in the group today were hoping that the morning would be bringing lots of rain, as the weather report called for, so we could take a bit of a rest from digging and learn how to wash pottery finds. But a new lesson that I learned today was that the weather forecast is usually unreliable and the weather can change quite rapidly. So the morning was spent removing another layer of soil from our trench and seeing if we could find any new features or artefacts. I was working with Monika and Emily today and we began to uncover an interesting feature that sparked our excitement and gave us more motivation to work through the indecisive misty weather. We had found a difference in soil from the surrounding area and upper levels, plus larger rocks and pieces of brick that seem promising to finding a possibly larger, connected feature.

However, after lunch the rain came and put a hold on our new interest. But the afternoon also proved to be entertaining as the crew and I learned how to clean pottery sherds and animal bones. One object of interest that I was lucky enough to have in my bag to clean was a sherd of Samian ware with a design on it. The design is not full but seems to have two men on it: one on the left, which only the legs can be seen, that looks to be seated, and a second figure that appears to be partially draped and dancing, although this is just my own observation. It was very interesting to finally see in person and touch an object that has been discussed in class and seen in textbooks. So even though it was rainy, the day proved to be full of surprises and excitement. Image

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