“Is this a rock?”

Hi Guys,

So today was the beginning of our first full week of excavation and it flew by.  This week we plan to be on site all week digging down to the Roman level in the areas where the trench was extended.  After the deturfing of last week, this week we are more concentrated on slowly removing levels of soil while sifting through them.

So far we have dug another half a foot off the extension of the trench.  Already in soil so high up and potentially part of the plow-zone we have found some remains of the Romans.  Things we found are pottery sherds, some potential jet and pipe stems.  Mostly from this upper layer we found remains from the Victorian or Medieval periods.  The only thing I can report finding was shards of Victorian or Medieval pottery which was very delicate and shiny.  In part this is how we can tell its not from the Romans because of the glaze used.

Tomorrow we are continuing to dig down and I’m sure as the week progresses we will continue finding more and more Roman remains.


Ps.  The title refers to the probing question we have all been constantly asking as we sift through the dirt and try to distinguish from Roman remain or rock!

A view of the trench, with some nice sunny weather last week (hopefully it'll hold up!)
A view of the trench, with some nice sunny weather last week (hopefully it’ll hold up!)

2 thoughts on ““Is this a rock?”

  1. I spoke too soon. That’s exactly the type of photo that I wanted to see. (re: Emily’s last post.)

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