So all of the Vindolanda Field School crew had an exciting day yesterday as we had our first hike along Hadrian’s wall. We started the morning at Birdoswald Roman Fort and trekked our way East checking out the milecastles and towers that are dotted along the wall. At the beginning of our hike we also got to see the remains of an ancient bridge. It was situated near the modern day bridge and allowed us to interpret how the bridge would’ve been constructed and the change of the river since antiquity.


Continuing on our journey we spent lunch at the Medieval Thirlwall Castle where there is supposedly some treasure guarded by spells and magic. Further along the wall we looked at milecastles and towers that have ditches around the perimeter that outline the shape, but no sign of the foundations or stone of the original building. These structures have had their stones robbed and used for other structures and farm walls since the Romans. As we got closer to our finishing point, the hills began to turn steeper and steeper, providing all of us with a thigh burning challenge. However, the views from the top were incredible and well worth the effort. The crew ended the day at the Milecastle tavern where we all sat down for a celebratory drink and chatted about our trek.

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