9 thoughts on “What is this?!?!

  1. Hello everyone, Thankyou for your guesses but Randy Pogorzelski got the correct answer! The object in question is called a Chape, it is both the decorative and functional part of a scabbard. The Chape sits where the tip of the sword would go.
    I posted a hints and clues page onto the blog a couple days pervious, to give you guys a better idea as to what the object could be. ill give you the link:


    Also for further clarification the object is about a half of an iPhone size (sorry for the wonky measurement tool, but I figured most people would know the size of the iPhone)

  2. A bracket for a brazier (seriously hoping that auto-correct doesn’t kick in here) or perhaps a pot handle?

    1. Not fair Robin! I’m pretty sure you saw this very thing last year. I edited your comment out so others can play! ;))))

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