Comparison of High Classical Sculpture and Roman statuette

Yesterday we visited corbridge museum and got a behind the scene peek at archeological findings. One item that caught my attention in particular was a small Venus statuette. It was very detailed on the front but there was no attention paid to the back! In fact you could even see finger prints that they didn’t even bother smoothing out! of course this makes sense given that nobody would be looking at the back of the statuette so why waste time?

I thought back to the high classical Greek statues/sculpture that we looked at in my Greek art and archeology class. The Greek sculptors paid particular attention to every small detail on their works. If you took any of the statues on the pediment of the Parthenon you would see the work was flawless front to back and top to bottom.

The behind the scene look was fun! I look forward to the Great North museum we are visiting today, where I will be giving a presentation on roman military arms and armor.



2 thoughts on “Comparison of High Classical Sculpture and Roman statuette

  1. Well spotted Tanya. You don’t say, but this must be a clay fired figure? Was it attached to some larger object (pot!?), hence no need to finish the back surface?

    1. Hi! I think it was actually a hallow figure that was broken. So indeed you are right in that there was no need to pay any attention to finishing the inside!

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