Archaeology update: Frog blog!

Today we spent the full day cleaning and preparing our trench for excavation. The winter took it’s toll and we were greeted by a trench that had silted up and was beginning to sprout with grass! Below is a picture of Emma working hard to clean up a potential kiln site which you may remember we uncovered last season and we now hope to continue excavating over the course of this year’s field school.



In order to protect the feature from the winter weather, we covered it with a tarp, quite sensibly so we thought.  Uncovering the potential kiln was exciting for the new students, who had yet to see it in person but were looking forward to excavating the area further after seeing it on the blog last year.

Well, the tarp did save the kiln from being beaten by rain but it also created the perfect environment (something of a petrie dish, really) for something we did not expect to find: frogs!

With much herding, and almost everyone helping, we rescued four little frogs today and brought them down near the river where they will hopefully find new, safer and less archaeological, homes!



3 thoughts on “Archaeology update: Frog blog!

    1. No not yet.. the cows are still a little unsure of us. We had a funny moment with cows today at a different site though, I think there will be a post soon about that. Always priceless.

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