The Adventure of a Lifetime



My name is Declan Howard and I am an undergraduate student at Western University. Since my enrollment into Classical Studies, Archaeology has been a passion of mine, and was one of the main reason I chose Classics as my major. Getting the opportunity to take part in the Vindolanda Field School was something that I could not be more thankful for. Not only is the school run by excellent professors who have been an influence on my academic career, but it is also an opportunity to take my knowledge learned in the classroom, into the trenches. The opportunity to work for 6 weeks on this breathtaking site is something that I cannot put into words, I find myself sitting here still not believing that this adventure is real. It is a strange feeling stepping upon the site of Vindolanda, knowing that the Romans once occupied this area, and walked on many of the same paths and roads that I find myself walking on today. It is a surreal feeling. The site is absolutely spectacular, and the landscape I find myself surrounded by is one of the most beautiful scenes I have seen in my life. The fort is surrounded on three sides by tall hills and ridges, and you can only imagine what the Roman soldiers would have felt like, guarding such a massive fort from the tribes of Northern England and Scotland.

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