My first blog post!

Hello everyone! Come along with me on my journey through my first blog and excavating adventure. My name is Tanya Maroofzadeh.  This is my first time in the UK and I am super excited to be here.  I am a third year honours specialization student of Classical studies and have read about Vindolanda and Hadrian’s wall in class and am  looking forward to putting that knowledge to practical use.

My adventure began when I flew over from Toronto with Andrew Dodd (a previous field school excavator), Alexandra and Declan.  After finally making it through Heathrow airport customs (that was an adventure and a half involving a bar of soap and a missed flight) we landed in Manchester a few days early and explored the city.  I love the architecture and city layout of Manchester and was not disappointed when I arrived in the small town of Haltwhistle. As soon as we were greeted in Haltwhistle by Professor Greene we were whisked away and dropped off our suitcases at the cottage (Alexandra, Declan, Veronica and I are in Shepherds Heft cottage).  Shortly after we settled in Professor Meyer took us on a little hike into town and it was so beautiful! We got to see horses, sheep, lambs, rams and chickens all over the place. I’m not from a farm so every animal we came across got me excited! Tomorrow will be our first day around site and I look forward to it! Keep following my blog as I set forth on my adventures here.

Baby animals!
Alexandra and Me

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