Hi, I’m Monika

Hello to everyone reading, my name is Monika Low and I am so excited to finally be here for the 2014 season of the Vindolanda Field School! I am in my third year at Western pursuing a dual degree in Classical Studies and History, or History and even older History, as I like to say.


I’m so excited to finally get on the site tomorrow. Prior to getting here I spent the week in London, flying into Heathrow. After spending the majority of the week in museums and seeing ancient societies as they are presented for the public, I am looking forward to being a part of the beginning of the process.


Today was our first full day we were altogether and I can’t wait for the coming six weeks. It is so nice to finally being because since finding out I would be getting to participate in such an amazing opportunity and meeting everyone, all momentum has been building to now. I am very excited to get started tomorrow and get boots on the ground.


Sayonara for now,

– Monika

Front and centre in the crypt at Hexham
Front and centre in the crypt at Hexham

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