First Week of the Adventure


Greetings from Haltwhistle,

My name is Alexandra Kisielewski and I am a third year undergraduate at the University of Western Ontario. I am beyond excited to be participating in the field school here and cannot wait to share my adventures with you. My journey is already off to an amazing start by spending some time with Tanya, Declan and Andrew in the beautiful city of Manchester. After exploring the town, eating fish and chips, and extensive amounts of walking we were then headed to our final destination.

I am now settled down in the cozy cottage here in scenic Haltwhistle, ready for this amazing opportunity to keep getting better. The other students and I have been blessed with sunny and warm weather since arriving in this welcoming country and (knock on wood) haven’t had a drop of rain. This is my first time in Europe and it has always been a dream of mine to visit England and explore its heritage. I’m ready to start the hands on work at Vindolanda and get some dirt on my new clothes. It was an exciting journey to get to Haltwhistle and can’t wait to explore other areas and the site of Vindolanda itself.


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