Blog numero uno


This is Veronica Purvis speaking; well I’m really typing this message. But that’s neither here nor there. I’m sitting here in the living room at Shepperd Heft Cottage with three other Vindolanda field school students who are all typing away on their own little introductory messages for our readers. As I am reclining on the cozy leather couch in the living room, I’m forced to reflect on the days passed and the journey I have made to get where I am now. I won’t be getting into details of my travels but having to go all the way to England for the first time was both extremely exciting and terrifying. Finally arriving at my destination and seeing the beautiful scenery from the drive to the cottages it made my involvement in Field School seem real. It’s as though the thing that I have been worrying and waiting for is actually happening… at last!

I think it’s time for me to talk a little about myself, just a little, so don’t get too excited. Haha. I am currently in my second year, moving on to my third and currently majoring in Classical Studies and Art History. Starting since forever, I’ve been drawn, like a moth to a flame, so to speak, to Classics and Art History. This inevitably resulted in my connection to Archaeology, where the two faculties that I am in are  attached and mix and mingle.

I’m excited to go forward with this grand adventure called Vindolanda!


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