Cohors III Canadianorum

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Vindolanda field school blog!

Has it already been a year since the last field school season?  It seems so, because Beth, Sarah and I arrived back in Haltwhistle on Wednesday and the rest of the students arrived on Saturday.  Some came directly from home, others have spent a few days in Manchester or London and one has been traveling around Europe for two weeks.  But, however they got here, they’re all here now, full of pasta and getting some sleep.  We’ll be off to the shops for supplies and visit Hexham Abbey on Sunday and we’ll get to work on Monday.  It’s going to be a great season.  So far, the weather is perfect!  Look at all that blue sky!

Picking up Felicia
Here is the whole gang, minus Beth (behind the camera) and Sarah and plus Andrew (whom you may remember from 2012).

We always love to read your comments and questions, so feel free to get in touch any time.  Also, let us know if you like to hear about or see anything in particular.  We take request!

It’s great to be back,


4 thoughts on “Cohors III Canadianorum

  1. A wonderful flood of nostalgia reading this post and the intros that followed … Thinking of you all and wishing I was there again! Have a great season and thank you for all of your work updating the blog.

  2. Welcome to Europe, everyone! Have a great time at Vindolanda! I’m very much looking forward to the pictures and stories of your travels.

  3. Great to see that everyone arrived on site and is full of pasta! Best wishes for a great season of the Vindolanda Field School.

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