Final Vindolanda Post

I absolutely loved being in Northumberland, England! It was my first time across the ocean but I loved it. I am a lot happier being surrounded by countryside than being in big cities. I will super miss seeing the amazing green fields everyday and the animals. I will miss a lot of things about England and this field school experience. Some examples like: riding in Alex’s car with Sarah, Rob and Robin everyday, Alex saying “Good job team” at the end of every day and just getting to be around Beth and Alex everyday. They are both very fun and awesome people. They make learning really exciting. I am also going to miss the Vindolanda team: Andy, Kate and Justin, plus all of the excavator friends I made along the way. I am extremely happy that I got to work close with Andy and Kate. I gained great insight into the archaeological world of England that I will take forward with me.

Back on our first hike we came across an altar that people still throw coins on for wishes.

Overall this was an amazing experience that I am so grateful that I was apart of. I have more of a clear focus of what I want to do with my life and what I should aim for to continue my studies. I can move forward confident. I definitely want to expand what I already have learned about bones and become a bone specialist. I am super passionate about all bones and I thoroughly enjoyed digging them up and then washing them to see what was found more closely. I am definitely interested in pursuing specializing in animal bones because there are so many different species it makes it that much more interesting to see all the different variations. I think it would be interesting to answer questions like ‘What were the Romans doing with animals’ by examining the skeletal remains from forts and other sites. ‘Were they raising or importing them?’ plus other things relating to daily life. I will definitely be doing research to find gaps in this area! 

Digging up and then washing bones are very fun times for Stephanie! 
The smallest calcaneus (heel bone) I have ever seen, so cute!! Placed beside a regular sized one plus a toothbrush for scale.

Vindolanda, thank you for an amazing six weeks! I will never forget this experience and I will be back again!  

-Stephanie Miller

One thought on “Final Vindolanda Post

  1. We knew this experience would be life changing for you. Now your dreams will walk on the path to reality. Hard work does pay off and goes along way for success in life…

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