Hike up Barcombe Hill

After work on Monday July 1st our group went on a hike up Barcombe Hill. We have been staring at this hill from the trench for 6 weeks now with the promises that we would get to hike it on a rainy day. Well, for 5 weeks we did not get a significant amount of rain. So finally on our last week we got to hike it!

It was a bit rainy while we worked but afterwards the weather cleared up and became relatively sunny which was great for our hike. The view from the top was really beautiful. You could even get a great aerial shot of Vindolanda.



On top of Barcombe Hill there are earthwork remains of a Roman signal station that lie within an iron age hill fort. The hill also features a local quarry that was used by the Romans. The quarry continued to be used well into the Victorian period. The section of cut rock face that is clearly visible from the ground is a lot taller than we imagined. It is probably around 30 feet tall. On the way up to the hill there are some pits in the ground that were from coal mining. Alex said (from some source) it was voted the cleanest coal in England.




I am really glad that we went on that hike. It was very relaxing, enjoyable and a great closure for the end of field school.

2 thoughts on “Hike up Barcombe Hill

  1. Like the Canadian flag face decals – you have done us all proud as both ambassadors of Western and of Canada.

  2. The blog has been wonderful Stephanie! We know where your dreams are headed for the future! Anything is possible…

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