Celebrating Canada Day!

A belated Happy Canada Day to all our readers! Even though we’re across the pond, as proud Canadians  we decided to show off our patriotism and share Canada Day with all our British friends. We Canucks banded together and threw a smashing party on Sunday evening. Sheperd’s Heft was decorated with Canadian flags and banners that were sent to us by Robin’s family. Our invitees included our British friends, the Dean and his wife (Michael and Val Milde) and some of the donors.

Canada Day demands for Canadian cuisine and we rose to the occasion. Our menu for the evening was burgers, pasta salad and most importantly Poutine. For dessert, we decided on pancakes (toppings included a healthy dose of maple syrup, strawberry jam, chocolate chips, whip cream and ice cream). For many of our invitees, the idea of mixing french fries (or chips as they’re commonly called here), gravy, and cheese curds did startle and raise a few eyebrows.  Some were curious and excited while others were sure we were preparing them for a heart attack.

The afternoon was a flurry of activities. Amanda, Nikki, Meagan and myself peeled and chopped potatoes to the energetic music of Bollywood. Robin brought out his inner Martha Stewart and tidied and organized the cottage to a T, while Mary prepared and mixed the pancake mix. Gravy Hands Dan hovered over the stove and kept a watchful eye over the gravy with Meagan working as his part-time assistant. Once the potatoes were ready, Sarah threw them in the deep-fat-fryer (a beautiful piece of equipment that all of us are proud of and that was acquired from Vindolanda on loan).
Our lovely guests arrived, bringing gifts of their own. Once the food was ready, Amanda was selected as the honorary representative to give a Poutine tutorial. Simple instructions were given to the watchful crowd: chips, cheese curds, gravy, eat! Everyone was skeptical at first but immediately fell in love with the food 🙂 Terry even went for seconds! And for desserts, we served pancakes, again a wonderful and delicious treat.
Amanda leading the way and teaching everyone how to make Poutine!
Gravy Hands Dan.
Terry trying his first poutine!
As everyone was eating, we surprised Sarah and belted out Happy Birthday. The birthday girl got the chance to blow her candles from her cookies ‘n cream ice cream.  Beth and Rob also enjoyed a bite! 😉
Happy Birthday Sarah 🙂
Our Canada Day party was a great success. We had an awesome time cooking together, and having the opportunity to share a part of Canadian culture with our friends here in England. Our guests enjoyed themselves, which was the main thing. We’ve definitely set a tradition here at field school that future students will have to live up to!
To all of the Canadians reading this, Happy Canada Day from all of us at Vindolanda!

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Canada Day!

    1. Absolutely, Chris! Now, if we could just get someone to visit us from Canada around late June to personally deliver the cheese curds….any takers? That seems somewhat of an insult to the fabulous (and cheap!) cheese on offer here in England, but there is really nothing like real cheese curds. We opted for 4 different ‘crumbly’ types and decided that Lancashire worked best, just for future reference!

  1. Happy Birthday Sarah; We’ll have a celebration upon your return and you, Emily and I can all celebrate our birthdays together this year in London, Ont. Hope you had a great day and Happy Canada Day a day late.

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