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As everyone has seen from our photos and other posts Vindolanda is not just about us students. Vindolanda has so many great people volunteering on a regular basis from all around the world, and we as Western students have had a great time interacting with everyone here on site. However, it doesn’t seem fair not to share our experiences making new friends, and so we’ve created a series of posts to introduce you to  some of our team.



Name: Terry Shaw

Age: 66 (doesn’t seem a day over 22)

From: Durham, UK

Occupation: Retired

Years at Vindolanda: 5th time (2009-2013)

Other Digs: Bingchester, UK

Likes: History, reading, rock music, outdoors, excavating, eating, and guy things

Favourite Memories from Vindolanda: “Meeting people from abroad and finding things. It’s really good to find something and see people’s reactions to it.”

3 thoughts on “Meet our International Friends!

    1. I love Terry!!! Not to hype up his ego, but he is the best!!! And I haven’t formally met Anthea yet, though she is digging with us this coming week!

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