Birds of a Feather

Hey everyone, it’s Robin. I’m here to introduce my friend, Robyn. She’s been with us for all four of our weeks at Vindolanda, and is as much of our surrogate family as any Western student.

Name: Robyn Crook

Age: 28

From: Aylesford, Nova Scotia

Occupation: PhD Student at the University of Calgary

Years at Vindolanda: 2013

Other Digs: Cultural Resource Management, Nova Scotia
Grand Pre, Nova Scotia
San Felice Field School Gravina, Pulgia

Likes: Wattle and daub huts, reading, rock, metal, and alternative music, comic books.

Favourite memory of Vindolanda: “I gotta say trench banter with Andy Birley. It gets a little grim at times, and fun. You learn lots about Andy.”

Robin and Robyn
A night with friends. And food!

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