Today we had the pleasure of visiting Maryport along the West coast of Cumbria; it is an absolutely gorgeous seaside town that is rich in Roman history. To start the day off we visited the house of one of our fellow excavators; Graham has been excavating at Vindolanda for 7 years now and we had the pleasure of meeting him this year. Graham has an impressive collection of Roman artifacts all of which have been found along the beach near his home, unfortunately little is being done to conserve these amazing artifacts and Graham is doing his best to make sure these pieces are kept in the amazing condition that they were found in. His collection has an impressive amount of pottery, coins, brooches, pins, and many other incredible artifacts. Then Graham took us down to the beach where we spent the beautiful morning walking in the sand and exploring tide pools. We also had some fun playing in the sand!


Its hard to see but we wrote Western in the sand ๐Ÿ™‚

After the beach we went to the museum at Maryport , The Senhouse Roman Museum, and were given a tour of the site by Professor Ian Haynes. The museum boasts an impressive collection of inscribed alters all of which were found on the site. They have the largest number of alters found in one place in all of Roman Britain. As well, later on in the evening Ian gave a lecture at the museum on the history of the excavations at Maryport as well as their plans for the future. Maryport is a beautiful place and it seems there will be a lot of exciting work done there in the next few years!


This is the Senhouse Roman Museum


Looking out onto the Irish Sea

2 thoughts on “Maryport

  1. Looks like a fascinating place. I’m not sure that the inhabitants would appreciate being moved from the west coast of Cumbria though! Or maybe there is another Maryport?
    Keep the fascinating blogs coming please. The whole family is keeping up with the news ๐Ÿ™‚

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