An Amazing Weekend!

Hey Blog Followers!!!

As you’ve seen we had a fabulous weekend in Edinburgh! If you’ve never been I recommend going to see Scotland. Its a beautiful country, and the city has so much to see. I thought I would regale you all with some photos and stories from our weekend.

The first photo is from our night time walk through the streets of Edinburgh. After arriving later on Friday evening we all went for dinner, and some of us decided to enjoy the night time atmosphere. Let me say that as beautiful as Edinburgh is during the day, it is extraordinary at night.


The next morning we were all up, bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for our morning tour. We walked with our tour guide Andrew through parts of the Old Town and New Town. We were fortunate enough to have a nice day and were able to cover a lot of ground. We saw some amazing architecture, stores, pubs, and more. One of my favourites was the statue of David Hume the philosopher. Apparently it is tradition to rub his toe for good luck. Of course most of us did!


After our great morning tour we were fortunate enough to spend some time in the National Museum of Scotland viewing some of the artifacts and admiring the institution. Dan also gave us a great presentation, and we were given a tour by Dr. Hunter, the lead curator of the Roman section of the museum. Between himself and Dan we all got quite the education on Romans and the military. Below is a picture of the parade mask. How would you like to wear that?!


After some more touring and a great deal of tourist shopping, many of us went around the city some more, enjoying the sites and sounds Edinburgh has to offer. It was an amazing time, we met some good people, ate some good food, talked, and reveled in this great city. Alas though it was time to leave. We got some great pictures of us and our new friend Pete leaving our hostel.


On our way back Dr. Greene and Dr. Meyer had us stop at some Scottish border abby’s and Roman forts. The abby at Melrose and the one at Jedburgh were two of the most spectacular sites. The group spent some time touring both. Our favourite moment was the dress up room in Jedburgh where the team had a wonderful time pretending to be medieval people, all while dancing to our jam- Thriftshop!


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