Update from the North Field, end of week 3

This is a brief update about some of the things that happened during the third week of field school. Here is the pit that Rohana and I were digging in the North Field, where a collection of pottery sherds was found and continued to be found. 

Context 9

I inquired about the count for the very full bag of pottery that we washed on Tuesday June 11. It turned out there were 675 pieces in total! In the breakdown there were 637 courseware, 33 black burnished, 5 terra sigilata, 8 tile/brick, 1 nail and 2 unidentified. (These numbers do not seem to add up correctly so I may have taken down a wrong number.) Anyways it was an extreme amount of washing that the two of us did in just one day. Here is a picture of some pieces of our unwashed pottery, a sample of the larger rim sherds mostly.  


On Wednesday June 12, Rohana and I learned about the digital level. Alex instructed us how to set it up and take readings. I really enjoy using this survey tool.

Steph and Rohana learning the digital level

On Sunday June 16, the field school group took a day trip to see the Lake District. It was very amazing overall with spectacular views the whole way. It was the best drive so far in my life! We stopped at Hardknott Fort where Robin gave his presentation on Roman parade grounds. He wins for best presentation location. 

Robin giving his presentation at the parade ground

Stephanie at Hardknott Fort, gate
Stephanie at Hardknott Fort, sitting at the West gate

An outing does not seem to be complete without a pub stop. The bus driver Derek picked one out for us to eat lunch at. Many of the group enjoyed the roast special.
Field school group lunch pub

Later in the day we visited the Castlerigg stone circle. This was a highlight for me as I have always wanted to visit Stonehenge, but any stone circle will do to start.

Stephanie at Castlerigg

That is all for my update. Until next time,


One thought on “Update from the North Field, end of week 3

  1. Hello Stephanie – liked the view of the small selection of feature sherds that you washed – any idea of the type and function of your vessels? Has anyone pronounced yet on your rare terra sigillata and where it might be coming from (imports?).

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