Happy Birthday Meagan!!!

Good morning blog followers!!!

Time for an update on yesterdays activities. Yesterday was Meagan’s birthday! Us field schoolers and all the crew on site decided that we had to celebrate, after all cake never hurts, and so we had a lovely surprise waiting for Meagan at our afternoon tea break. The whole crew joined us in singing Happy Birthday to Meagan, and watched our attempts at having the candles stay lit. Turns out the windy wasn’t cooperating, but regardless the celebration continued. 



Even though we had some great cake, for us the party wasn’t over. As it turns out we all, including Meagan, wanted a taste of home, and so for the evenings festivities we decided poutine was in order! With everyone pitching in we all made our own poutine bar and enjoyed another cake. We had a great time laughing, playing cards, and listening to music. It was a great way to spend the day and an awesome way to celebrate an amazing girl like Meagan. 


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Meagan!!!

  1. First off, I have to say I love the Indiana Jones hats on Sarah and Robin, and secondly, Nikki, you are baking carrot cake for everyone when you come home!!

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