Welcome Home!

Hey everyone! We have introduced you to the team and our trench but we have not introduced you to our houses. For the past few weeks we have been living in cottages near the site. While the students share two cottages, Beth, Alex and Sarah are sharing another.

The first cottage is Cobblestones. Four of the students share this cottage. It is the smaller of the two cottages with only two bedrooms and a small living room and kitchen.



The second cottage is Shepard’s Heft. Five of the students share this cottage. It is the bigger cottage with two and a half bedrooms (the half is more like a converted closet that is surprisingly quite spacious). It has one bathroom (for five people) and a big kitchen and living room.


Cobblestones is the quieter of the two cottages and most of the time is spent in Shepard’s because of its big living room. By default it has become the louder cottage, as well as the spot for most movie nights and birthday parties.


The table in Shepard’s is a major feature of the cottage. There are many stories and tales that have originated from this table, most of which should not be retold. Many card games have also been played at this table, especially when we had no Internet and were bored. Now it has just become a thing we do in the evenings when we have nothing more important to do. There was quite the exchange of knowledge as we taught people how to play a few different card games. Rob and Dan learned how to play Crazy Eights, Amanda and Robin learned how to play Old Maid, and Nikki and I learned how to play President.  Once we learned how to play the games curses sere thrown threats were made and favours were won and lost, kind of like Game of Thrones.


We all have been getting along spectacularly, sharing our things and having a good time. Some of us are not the tidiest, (you know who you are), while some of us love to be neat. Some of us are quite, some of us are loud. Some of us are night owls, while others are morning people. Despite it all the nine of us are living well and realizing what its like to share a home with strangers who have become our family.


3 thoughts on “Welcome Home!

  1. Brings back memories. We stayed in Shepherds Heft back in 1991 B.R. (before Robin) then I think it was Cobblestones a few years later.

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