Castlerigg Stone Circle

I am pleased to report that after our phenomenally picturesque trip into the Lake District, we stopped on the way home for a little sojourn into the Castlerigg stone circle (still technically in the Lake District, I think). Apparently, this stone circle was built around 4500 years ago during the Neolithic period, so way before the Romans came into the picture in Britain. Another interesting bit is that its oval shape and large size indicates that it’s one of the earlier stone circles, and probably used for seasonal gatherings, ritual or ceremonial activities, or possibly even as a forum for negotiations.

It truly is a magical place, which I’ve tried to capture, but have not done it justice. But here we are and quite a few other tourists enjoying the site. Some frolicking may have occurred…



Another fun fact is that during the Victorian times, tourists started chipping flakes off as souvenirs (sacrilege, I know). This resulted in it becoming one of the first archaeological sites to be protected by the National Trust, which was a good call. All chisels were put away.



And the weather continues to be uncannily kind to us…

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