Alumni trip to Vindolanda

Alumni are coming!

On June 28th, Beth, Alex and the students will be joined by a small group of alumni visitors — and one very lucky host/staff person (that’s me, Jessica!). This trip is open to all Western alumni and friends, not just those living in the UK. We are pretty excited about it. Right now, we are all keeping an eye on the weather (stay, sun, stay!) as well as the progress of the trench.

What will we be doing? Beth and Alex were involved in the creation of our itinerary, so you know it will be rich with that particularly choice combination of learning opportunities and fun. Some of the excursions may seem familiar to longtime readers of this blog: we plan to visit the Roman Army Museum, hike around the site, and check out Beth, Alex, and the crew in action.  At the same time, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities will also be visiting Vindolanda, and he will be taking part in all of the alumni activities.

Curious about the trip? Click here for a fuller description: There is still time to register to take part, but not for much longer. Email me directly if you’d like more details. My email is just to the right in the sidebar…

I’ll be documenting the Western weekend at Vindolanda for the blog, so if you are a regular reader, you’ll have another person to keep track of– chances are, you already know me if you are one of the generous people whose philanthropic gifts have helped to support our students at Vindolanda through the Global Opportunities Awards. Donor support makes this trip possible for many of the students, and we are deeply grateful. As the Alumni and Development Officer for Western’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities, I have the  pleasure of working with our alumni and friends to support the priorities of the Faculty. International travel and learning — of which this field school is such a great example — is one of these priorites. Outside of work, I am an information omnivore with a love of history and a penchant for material culture, and there is a huge part of me that is as incredulous as the students that I, too, get to come here, to see history being uncovered.

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