Just a little bit of catching up…

So as you all know we were on a bit of a hiatus last week as we were having some trouble with our internet, but thankfully its once again working…for the most part… Anyways! Last Saturday we took a trip to Newcastle to visit the Great North Museum as well as the fort at South Shield. At the museum we were fortunate enough to be able to handle some of the Roman artifacts thanks to Rob, who was one of the curators. It was a privilege to be able to handle a variety of objects such as brooches, hair pins, and various pieces of Roman armor and weaponry. After our visit to the museum we had a bit of free time to explore a bit of Newcastle; most of us took the opportunity to get some lunch, do a bit of shopping, and squeeze in a quick Starbucks run! Then after a bit of confusion about how to get South Shield, including a battle between the GPS and a good old fashioned map, we arrived! Here we had two presentations; one by Megan about gates and fortification and one by Rohana about the Praetorium and Principia. South Shield has reconstructions of both a gate and the Principia and Praetorium, unfortunately we did not get to go into the Principia and Praetorium for Rohana’s presentation as we arrived a bit late.  Regardless, both presentations we very informative and well done! Overall it was an excellent trip !!


The Great North Museum


The reconstruction of a gate at South Shield

IMG_0237 IMG_0239

Megan and Rohana giving their presentations


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