Hey! Remember me?

Some of you dedicated followers may remember me from last year, my name is Sarah (or Staylo) and I am a very recent graduate of the Western Undergraduate program.  This is my second year excavating at Vindolanda and I have returned with the field school as a supervisor on the excavation in the North Field.  This fall I will be starting my MA at Western and pursuing my research interests by continuing to investigate artifacts from Hadrian’s Wall.  This summer is an amazing training experience for me and I am very excited about the summers to come!


Some of you may also realize that we have been here for almost a week and not a lot has been said about our actual trench! Well, let me tell you: while the students have been getting acquainted with the specific area that we are working in, the site as a whole and the frontier area, Alex and I have been preparing the trench!  This week we have removed the turf and dug some exploratory trenches and the results look very promising.  As it stands, we seem to be right on top of some ditches as we hoped, but we have also uncovered  some suprising features including a tile floor.  Here is one picture of us so far in the trench and I promise there will be more to come soon!


One thought on “Hey! Remember me?

  1. Hello Sarah – I wondered what you had been doing while the rest of the team was off on field trips, this explains it. Great to see things dry so far and a building with a tiled floor ….. very interesting! Look forward to reading about what the first week of excavation will uncover. Hope the team has a great weekend in further exploring.

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